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      Products - CLT10


      Defective components are not only unreliable, they are also non-linear. Therefore, effective quality control can be carried out by measuring the distortion of a pure sinewave current through the component. The Danbridge CLT System determines the distortion on the 3rd harmonic, and takes this as an indicator of the reliability and quality of the component. By measuring a component's nonliniarity  up to the median value of distortion in a batch of components it is possible to quickly determine pass or fail of the component.

      The measuring method of the CLT System offers a number of advantages compared to other methods of reliability testing. One important feature is the measurement speed which facilitates 100 % production test.

      Typical applications:

      Test of metal-film resistors, capacitors, screening of audio-grade components, and noise measurements of electrical contacts.

      Further, the 3rd harmonic methode is approved by International Electronical Comission Europe,: publication IEC-440 technical file of electronic industries association of Japan: RCF-2003 Departments and agencies of the department of defence, USA: MIL-PRF-55182H


      Key feature

      • 10 kHz voltage up to 1000 V @ 4 VA
      • More than 30 components per second
      • Impedance range from below 100? to more than 3 M?
      • Third harmonics below -160 dB
      • Non-sensitive to hum
      • Fibre optical communication
      • Easy IEC 440 standard settings
      • IEEE 488 (GPIB) and RS232c interfaces
      • Programmable rejection limits
      • CE approved 

      Technical Specification

       CLT10 Factsheet

       CLT10 Application note