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      Products - DB23X Series

      DB 230





      AC Measurements of Capacitors

      The Danbridge suite of instruments for precise measurement of capacitive, inductive and resistance parameters includes stand-alone measurement bridges for laboratory use as well as automatic systems for rapid measurement of a large number of components in industrial environments.

      Main applications:

      Fast and precise testing of capacitors in automatic sorting machines.

      Test of Film / Foil capacitors:

      Film / foil capacitors testing is typical performed by 1kHz capacitance test and 100kHz tan ∂ or ESR test. The double frequency testing is a unique feature which can be preformed in less than 50msec with sorting output to the bin sorting devices in the sorting machine.

      When testing film / foil capacitors we suggest to use the Capacitance Tester DB232. This instrument or the earlier CT30, are more or less the industrial standard for automatic testing of film / foil capacitors and are used by the majority of the largest film / foil capacitor manufacturers world-wide.

      For insulation testing of capacitors, please note that an excellent match to DB232 (or the old CT30) is the fast Megohmmeter DB622. With pre-charge and fine-charge high voltage power supplies and several charge stations, high speed testing can be secured with Danbridge Megohmmeters.

      If you are using old Danbridge Capacitor Testers (such as CT20 and CT30), DB232 is the logic choice for replacing these. Especially as the DB232 has built-in CT30 mode, making it fast and simple to replace the old CT20 and CT30 Component Testers. 
      Please note that the old CT20 and CT30 Component Testers are no longer supported. However, by exchanging old Danbridge equipment with new, we are able to offer you buy-back prices for the old instruments as well as flexible payments or leasing for similar new equipment.

      Test of Tantalum capacitors:

      Tantalum capacitors or large film / foil capacitors are often tested by the High Capacitance Tester DB236. This instrument has in addition to the facilities of DB232 also possibilities for impedance test for instance @ 10kHz or 100kHz.

      Test of Ceramic capacitors:

      Ceramic capacitors need to be tested by 1kHz or 1MHz depending of capacitance value. The Capacitance Tester DB230 shows excellent performance @ 1kHz and is one of the fastest Capacitor Testers in the market with test speed down to 6ms @ 1MHz including sorting output.
      Consequently the DB230 is very suitable for exploiting the high speed of today's SMT sorting machines and thereby secure high return of investment by giving you a high output of quality capacitors.

      Examples of other CLR applications:

      General test of capacitors, measurement of transformers and coils, test of passive components in "Pick and Place" machines by DB233z, test of cables, test of condenser microphones and resistance and inductance in winded power resistors.

      Key feature

      • Measuring frequencies: 100kHz, 10kHz, 1kHz and 100Hz
      • Overall accuracy better than 0.05% and 2 x 10-4 for loss factor
      • External bridge module for long cables (3m or 118 inch) between the instrument and the bridge module
      • Measuring cables: 1m or 39.3 inch (supplied as standard)
      • Input protection against charged capacitors at 2 Joule up to 1kV. This feature can be extended by an optional Protection Box, PB11
      • Built-in contact check function ensures that the contact to the device is good, additional 2-6 ms0
      • High measuring speed: 20 to 180ms from trig to end of measurement
      • Measuring ranges: 0.1pF to 3mF depending of frequency
      • Measures up to 9µF (0,2%) @ 100kHz
      • Internal bias voltage: Up to ±3V DC on generator terminal, set in 0.1V steps
      • External bias voltage: Up to ±48V DC Average: 1 to 99 measurements
      • Display readings: Direct or deviation capacitance and tan ∂ or ESR for loss measurements and L/Q, Rs, Rp, Z

      Technical Specification

       DB210 CLR Bridge *DISCONTINUED

       DB230 CLR Component Tester

       DB232 CLR Component Tester

       DB233z CLR Component Tester

       DB236 High Capacitance Tester


       DB210 CLR Manual

       DB23X CLR Manual - Covers DB232/233Z/236

      Application finder
      Test Applications: DB210  *DISCONTINUED DB230 DB232 DB233z DB236 DB250 System
      Automatic High Speed Testing      
      Automatic & Cost Effective          
      AC Capacitors    
      DC Capacitors    
      Ceramic Capacitors          
      Motor Capacitors      
      Tantalum Capacitors        
      Verifier for Pick & Place Machines        
      Scanner or Multiple Tests -   2 x 20 jigs        
      Laboratory Test