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      Products - DB50X Series


      Precise and Fast Testing of Resistors has during many years been one of the really strong points of Danbridge suite of test equipment.

      The new DC Resistance Bridge DB502 is one of the most precise and long time stable DC resistance bridges in the world market. Further the DB502 has built-in dual processor technology making the instrument ultra fast with measurement speed down to < 10msec including bin sorting output.

      Facilities such as Contact Check, Hum Rejection Mode, Fast Thermo Voltage Compensation and fast Data Communication, makes the DB502 very suitable for exploiting the high speed of modern SMT sorting machines and for securing a profitable investment.

      As a new facility, the DB502 has an analogue output designed for precise and fast laser trimming of resistors. We will be pleased to mail you further information regarding this application.

      If you are using old Danbridge resistance testers, DB502 is the logic choice for replacing these. Especially the DB502 has built-in DB501 mode, making it fast and simple to replace the old DB501 Resistance Bridges which are no longer supported. By exchanging old Danbridge equipment with new, we are able to offer you buy-back prices for the old instruments as well as flexible payments or leasing for similar new equipment.

      Please note that for Reliability Testing of Resistors, by 3dr Harmonic Distortion Method also called THI, Danbridge can offer an excellent match to DB502 and the old DB501 by Component Linearity Tester CLT10 or for low impedance testing the CLT20. By using 3dr Harmonic Distortion Method as recommended in IEC440 and MIL-PRF-55182H you will secure high reliability of your good resistors.

      Examples of typical applications:

      • High Speed and very precise DC test of resistors in sorting machines
      • Manual testing of quality resistors and resistive elements in laboratories
      • Reference DC Resistance Bridge in Quality Control Departments

      Key feature

      • Measuring Speed: <10msec
      • Accuracy 0.01% in the main range
      • Resistance Range: 10m? to 1G?
      • Hum Rejection Mode
      • Absolute or Deviation Measurements
      • Measuring cables: Guarded 4-terminal up to 1m
      • 12 Programmable Limits
      • LIM outputs, IEEE & RS232c interfaces as standard
      • Contact check function
      • Compatible with DB501/R

      Technical Specification

       DB502 Manual