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      Products - JP3X Series






      The Danbridge non-destructive High Voltage Insulation Testers meet the demands for a gentle method of testing insulation condition and detecting leakage currents while protecting hardware, components and materials. Danbridge have two High Voltage Insulation Testers depending on requirements - JP30A can test using up to 30k volt, while JP36A is used when voltages up to 36k volt are desired. 

      By using a DC high voltage-low energy test, weaknesses and faults are easily located without damaging the surrounding electronics or materials.

      Detection of ionization is possible by sound signal.

      Typical applications are:

      Insolation test of cables, generators, electrical motors, plastics, medico instruments, weldings, vacuum relays, power supplies, aviation equipment and many naval components.


      Key feature

      • Minimal Discharge Energy: Output current limited to protect personnel
      • Guard Terminal: Prevents stray currents from Influencing leakage current measurements
      • Adjustable Output Voltage: The test voltage is continuously variable from almost zero to maximum output voltage
      • Audible Ionisation Detection: With Active LP-Filter and Built-in loudspeaker
      • Effective Output Ionisation Limitation: Essential for testing delicate circuits. No damage to the material if partial break-down or flash-over should occur
      • External Output: For meter voltage indication and recording
      • External HV switch: Panel connector for external switching
      • Useable as kV Meter 

      Technical Specification

       JP30A Manual