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      Products - DB62X Series













      Insulation Measurements

      The Danbridge Megohmmeter program is designed for fast measurement of leakage currents and insulation resistance (IR) of various components, cables, materials, etc. The fast and powerful measurement cycles, the high accuracy, and the broad measurement range make the Danbridge Megohmmeters to one of the most versatile insulation measurement instruments on the market today.

      Main applications:

      Fast and precise testing of capacitors in automatic sorting machines.

      IR testing of Film / Foil capacitors up to 500V DC:

      Most Film / foil capacitors are being IR tested by test voltages up to 500V DC. As charging means time and time is money, Danbridge has developed a unique feature in the Megohmmeter DB622. Simply, this instrument has 2 independent high voltage (HV) power supplies, one for powerful pre-charge (up to 200mA) and one for fine-charge (up to 80 mA). Consequently you can optimize your sorting machine by connecting the pre-charge HV power supply of DB622 to some pre-charge stations and the fine-charge to approximately the double number of stations. Then your capacitors are charged enough during the cycle time to be correctly measured (with sorting output) and to maintain a high quality and high output. By using Danbridge equipment, you secure high return of investment on the sorting line.

      Further technical information is available from Danbridge or you may study our simple sketch of how to install our double HV power supply Megohmmeters on automatic sorting machines.
      Please not that Danbridge installation team is able to assisting you getting the instrument to work correctly.

      IR testing of Film / Foil capacitors up to 1kV DC:

      For Film / foil capacitors for IR test with voltages up to 1kV DC, Danbridge has developed a similar Megohmmeter as mentioned above, the DB623 with 2 x 1kV power supplies with facilities as explained for DB622. Just the 2 independent HV power supplies have a maximum voltage of 1000V. The pre-charge supply can deliver up to 100mA, and the fine-charge supply can deliver up to 80 mA).

      Please note that for capacitance and tan ∂ testing of film capacitors, an excellent match to DB622 / DB623 and the old DB602 is the Capacitance Tester DB232. Clik on the link and learn more about the fast Capacitance Tester with the unique dual frequency facility.

      IR testing of HV capacitors:

      Insulation Testing of HV capacitors was earlier more complicated. Today Danbridge have a solution for DC testing up to 2kV by using DB625-2kV or up to 5kV by using DB625-5kV. These Megohmmeters are designed with one HV power supply only, but probably with the markets most powerful charge capability of up to 45mA @2kV and 18mA @ 5kV. Again time is money, so why waste costly test time by using less advanced equipment.

      IR testing of multiple capacitors

      In order to reduce IR test time Danbridge can supply an IR scanner DB640 with facilities to charge up to 40 channels almost simultaneously. The DB640 shall be controlled from a Danbridge Megohmmeter DB621 or the HV Megohmmeter DB625. The idea is to charge all channels one time in parallel and thereafter by a quick scan to get results from up to 40 capacitors. 
      By adding modules (each of 4 channels) the DB640 can be optimised for any application up to 40 channels. The scanner has sorting output, GO / NO GO for each channel installed, making the system very suitable for automatic IR testing of for instance multiple ceramic capacitors in multi-channel automatic sorting machines or manual laboratory testing.

      Examples of typical applications:

      Test of leakage current in capacitors, measurement of high-voltage resistors, test of insulation in cables and harness, testing leakage current in high voltage generators and motors, and test of the electrical insulation value of various materials, e.g. many different plastics.

      The Megohmmeters are widely used at power plants and in the medico-industry.
      For testing of large items such as electrical motors, generators, cables, etc. using test voltages up to 1kV, Danbridge has developed the Megohmmeter DB62X Series, with floating HV power supply. By having the HV power supply floating, it is easy and safe to test HV up to 1kV @ ground level and at the same time measure leakage current or insulation resistance of the circuits, cables, connectors inside the test object.
      In order to understand this principle better, please contact Danbridge [email protected] for further information or study the simple sketch for this application.

      Key feature

      • High speed testing 45msec
      • High accuracy ± 2% to 1 T?
      • Measurement Range from 10k? up to 1 P? (Peta = 1.000.000 Giga  )
      • Leakage current down to 1pA, Accuracy ± 2%, ± 1pA
      • Test Voltages:
        DB620 & 621, 10Volt to 1kV in 1V steps
        DB622, 10Volt to 500V
        DB623, 10Volt to 1000V
        DB625, 50Volt to 5000V
      • Contact Check Function
      • Powerful charge capability
      • Charge current:
        DB620 & 621 - 2/ 25/100mA
        DB622/23 double power supplies, pre-charge 200/100mA and fine charge 2 / 25mA
        DB625 max 5kV version 20mA, DB625 max 2kV version 45mA
      • 4 ranges and/or auto range
      • 5 Programmable Limits
      • Floating power supply on DB620 for HV testing on ground level
      • Designed to be used with 40 channel IR Scanner type DB640

      Technical Specification








       DB62X Megohmmeter Manual - Covers DB620/622/623/625

       DB62X Application Note - IR Measurement

       DB62X Application Note - Using Danbridge Megohmmeters in Sorting Machines

       DB62X Application Note - Using Sequences and Limits in Danbridge Megohmmeters

       DB640 IR Scanner to DB62X Interconnections


      Application finder
      Test Applications: DB620 *DISCONTINUED DB621 DB622 DB623 DB625-2 DB625-5 DB640
      DC Test Voltages 10V-1kV 10V-1kV 2x10V-500V 2x10V-1kV 50V-2kV 50V-5kV Depending of Megohm.
      Maximum Charge Current 80mA 80mA

      160mA + 160mA

      80mA + 80mA 45mA 18mA Depending of Megohm.
      All-round IR testing          
      Automatic Testing of Cap.        
      DC Capacitors        
      High Voltage Capacitors        
      Motor Capacitors        
      Ceramic Capacitors          
      Tantalum Capacitors      
      High Voltage IR Testing (2kV)          
      High Voltage IR Testing  (5kV)          
      Scanner or Multiple IR Tests            
      Controller for DB640 Scanner    
      Laboratory Test      
      Electrical Motor & Generators            
      High Voltage Leakage Current          
      Large grounded items, cables, etc.